South Africa Soccer League Rocks On!

South Africa Soccer League Rocks On!

The South Africa Soccer League (SASL) is the highest level of professional football in South Africa. The competition runs from August to May, with 28 clubs competing in the Premier Division, 14 clubs in the National First Division, and 10 clubs in the National Second Division. The Premier Division is the top flight of the SASL, while the National First Division and National Second Division are both feeder leagues to the Premier Division.

The SASL was founded in 1986 and is the country’s only professional football league. Prior to 1986, there were a number of semi-professional leagues in South Africa. The SASL is a part of the South African Football Association (SAFA), which is the governing body for football in South Africa.

The SASL has been a part of the CAF Champions League since the 2007-08 season. The Premier Division clubs have also competed in the African Cup of Champions Clubs since the 1996-97 season.

The SASL has a long history of producing some of South Africa’s most successful footballers. Examples include AB de Villiers (Premier Division champions with Kaizer Chiefs in 2013), Kaizer Motaung (National First Division champions with Bloemf

South Africa Soccer League

The South African Soccer League (SASL) is the premier professional soccer league in South Africa. It was founded in 1996 and has since grown to become one of the most successful leagues in the world. It features 16 teams from all over the country, and each team plays each other twice during the regular season. The league is governed by the South African Football Association, and the champion is awarded the Premier Soccer League trophy at the end of the season. The SASL is renowned for its passionate fans and high-quality play, and it has produced some of the world’s greatest soccer players. It is also home to some of the most lucrative sponsorship deals in the sport, ensuring that the teams have the financial resources to compete at the highest level. The SASL is an important part of South Africa’s sporting culture, and its teams are a source of pride for the country.

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History of the League

The South African Soccer League (SASL) is a professional soccer league that has been around since the early 1900s. Established in 1903, the SASL is the oldest and most successful soccer league in the country. The league is composed of teams from all over South Africa, with most teams based in the major cities.

South Africa Soccer League Rocks On!

The league was founded by four clubs that were all based in Johannesburg and Pretoria, the two largest cities in South Africa. These clubs were the Johannesburg Rangers, Pretoria City, Pretoria Rangers, and Johannesburg Town. Over the years, more clubs joined the league, and it grew in popularity.

The early years of the SASL were dominated by the Johannesburg and Pretoria teams. These teams won the first few championships and were considered the elite of the league. However, as the league expanded, other teams began to make their mark. The first major upset in the league occurred in the 1930s when a team from Durban, Natal, won the championship. This victory marked the start of a new era in the league as teams from other parts of the country began to compete for the championship.

In the 1950s, the SASL was transformed into an all-national league. This meant that teams from all parts of South Africa were able to compete in the league. This allowed for a much more competitive league and resulted in new teams emerging as contenders for the championship.

The SASL has grown in popularity over the years and continues to be one of the most popular soccer leagues in South Africa. It is one of the few soccer leagues in the world that is still considered to be professional, and teams from all over the country are able to compete for the championship. The league continues to be a major force in South African soccer, and it has been the launchpad for some of the country’s greatest players.

Teams and Structure

The South African Soccer League (SASL) is a professional football competition that is widely regarded as the premier soccer league in South Africa. Established in 1996, the SASL has grown to become the most watched and most successful soccer league in the country. With its 20 teams split into two divisions, the SASL is a competitive and exciting competition that attracts fans from around the world.

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When it comes to teams and structure, the SASL is divided into two divisions: The National First League and the Premier Soccer League. The National First League contains 12 teams, while the Premier Soccer League contains 8 teams. The teams in each division are split into two regional conferences (North and South), which are further divided into two regional divisions (East and West). Teams play each other twice per season, one home and one away match.

The winner of each division of the SASL qualifies for the playoffs. Play-off matches are played over two legs, one at each of the teams’ home grounds. The top two teams from each division are then entered into the national play-offs. The winners of the national play-offs become the SASL champions.

The teams in the SASL are comprised of some of the most talented players in South Africa. Players are recruited from all over the world, with each team having their own selection criteria. Teams have the option to sign players from other countries, though these players must have the necessary paperwork to compete.

South Africa Soccer League Rocks On!

The SASL is known for its intense rivalries between teams, with some derbies spurring huge fanfare. The most popular derbies in the league include the Soweto derby between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates, the Cape Town derby between Ajax Cape Town and Cape Town City, and the Durban derby between Golden Arrows and AmaZulu.

The SASL is an exciting league to follow, and its teams and structure provide a unique and diverse platform for soccer fans to enjoy. Whether you’re a local fan or a fan from abroad, the SASL promises an action-packed season of entertainment.

Popularity of Soccer in South Africa

The popularity of soccer in South Africa is undeniable. With the nation’s deep-rooted passion for the game, the country’s soccer leagues have become a major source of entertainment for South Africans of all ages. From the Premier Soccer League (PSL) to the National First Division, South African soccer has become an integral part of the nation’s culture.

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The PSL is the top-tier league in South Africa and is recognized as one of the best in Africa. Boasting some of the best players and teams in the continent, the PSL is a source of immense pride for South Africa. The league is not only highly competitive, but it also provides an opportunity for local talent to showcase their skills and make their mark on the international stage.

The popularity of the PSL is evident in the large crowds that attend each match. With passionate fans cheering on their favorite teams, the atmosphere of a match in the PSL is electric. The PSL also enjoys immense media coverage, with both local and international media outlets covering the league. This helps to ensure that the league remains at the forefront of South African sports.

The National First Division is the second tier of South African soccer. This league is composed of professional teams that are mostly based in South Africa’s seven provinces. While the league is not quite as competitive as the PSL, it still provides a platform for young and upcoming talent to showcase their skills and provides a pathway to the top-tier.

The popularity of soccer in South Africa is undeniable, and the nation’s love for the game is only growing. With its passionate fans, competitive leagues, and talented players, South African soccer is sure to remain a source of great entertainment for many years to come.



The South African Soccer League (SASL) is the governing body for soccer in South Africa. It is responsible for the promotion and regulation of the sport in the country. The SASL is a member of FIFA, the international governing body for soccer. The league was founded in 1992 and currently consists of 16 teams.

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