What Do Locals Call Johannesburg, South Africa?

What Do Locals Call Johannesburg, South Africa?

Johannesburg, South Africa is a vibrant and bustling city with a unique culture and history. As the largest city in South Africa, it has been home to many different populations since its founding in 1886. The locals of Johannesburg have developed a unique name for their beloved city that has become widely accepted and used by both the locals and visitors alike. The most common nickname used to refer to Johannesburg is ‘Joburg’ or ‘Jozi’. While ‘Joburg’ has become a widely accepted way of referring to Johannesburg, ‘Jozi’ is a more affectionate term used by the locals to refer to their beloved city. It is often used to express a sense of pride and connection to the city.

What Do Locals Call Johannesburg South Africa

Locals in Johannesburg, South Africa, often simply refer to the city as "Jo’burg" or "Jozi," the former being the more commonly used nickname. This shortened version is often used when referring to the city casually, such as in conversation or on social media. Furthermore, some of the longer-term residents of Johannesburg who have been there for generations even refer to the city as "eGoli," which means "Place of Gold" in Zulu, as the city was built on the gold trade. Although this nickname is not as widely used as Jo’burg, it is still used by many locals to refer to Johannesburg and its history.

History of Johannesburg

Johannesburg, often simply referred to as “Joburg”, is a bustling South African city and the country’s economic hub. It is the largest city in the Gauteng province and the most populous metropolitan area in the country. The city is home to a rich and diverse cultural heritage and a history that dates back to the 1800s.

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Before the 1800s, Johannesburg was inhabited by the Batswana people, who were the original inhabitants of the area. In the early 1800s, Voortrekkers and Europeans moved into the area, and the settlement of Johannesburg was founded in 1886. The city was named after two of the Voortrekkers, Johannes Rissik and Johannes Joubert.

As the city grew, it became known as the ‘City of Gold’ due to the discovery of gold in the area. The gold rush in the late 1800s and early 1900s made the city the largest in South Africa, and the gold industry provided many job opportunities. This led to an influx of people from all over the world, including from Britain, India and China.

Today, Johannesburg is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. It is known for its vibrant nightlife and many restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars. It also has some of the best museums, galleries and cultural centres in the country.

What Do Locals Call Johannesburg, South Africa?

Locals often refer to Johannesburg as Jozi, Joburg or Egoli, which is Zulu for ‘city of gold’. The city has a long and rich history that can be seen in its many monuments, landmarks and buildings. Johannesburg remains an important economic, cultural and political hub in South Africa and is a great place to visit.

Classic Nicknames for Johannesburg

Johannesburg, or Jozi as the locals call it, is the largest city in South Africa and one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities on the continent. It is a city of contrasts and contradictions, with a rich and diverse culture, and a colorful local nickname.

The most common nickname for Johannesburg is "eGoli," which means "place of gold" in Zulu. Johannesburg is known for its gold rush history, and this name is a reflection of that. Other nicknames include "City of Gold" and "City of Gold Mines."

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The nickname “Joburg” is also popular among locals, and is derived from Johannesburg’s original name, “Egoli”. Other classic nicknames for Johannesburg include “Joziland”, “Gauteng”, and “The Big Smoke”.

Johannesburg is a city of many cultures, and this is reflected in its nicknames. For example, the Indian community refers to the city as "Jhb City", while the English-speaking population often uses the name "Jozi". The Afrikaans speaking population calls it "Gauteng", and the Xhosa-speaking population calls it "eGoli".

No matter what you call it, Johannesburg is a city of diversity and opportunity. It is a place of dreams and ambition, and it is also the home of some of the most creative and innovative people in the world. Whether you call it "eGoli", "Jhb City", "Jozi", or "Gauteng", Johannesburg is a place to be experienced and enjoyed.

Modern Nicknames for Johannesburg

What Do Locals Call Johannesburg, South Africa?

Johannesburg, South Africa is a bustling metropolis and one of the nation’s most iconic cities. It’s no wonder then that over the years, locals have come up with a variety of creative nicknames for the city. From the poetic to the irreverent, here are some of the most interesting modern nicknames for Johannesburg.

The “City of Gold” is one of Johannesburg’s most popular nicknames. This moniker was first used in the late 1800s, when the city was home to the world’s largest gold rush. Today, it is seen as a symbol of the city’s immense wealth and power.

The “Big Smoke” is another popular name for Johannesburg, and it is often used to describe the city’s dense urban sprawl. It is a reference to the large plumes of smoke that can often be seen rising from the city’s many factories and industrial sites.

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The “City of Lights” is an apt nickname for Johannesburg, as the city’s nightlife is renowned for its vibrancy and energy. The city is home to a plethora of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

The “City of Dreams” is a fitting name for Johannesburg, as it has long been a destination for people from all over the world. It is seen as a place of opportunity and a gateway to a better life, and its nickname reflects this aspiration.

The “City of the Future” is another popular moniker for Johannesburg, and it is often used to describe the city’s modern infrastructure and innovative culture. With its cutting-edge technology and booming economy, Johannesburg is a leader in the African continent when it comes to progress.

These are just a few of the many modern nicknames for Johannesburg. While the city is often associated with gold, smoke and lights, it is also a place of dreams and a symbol of progress. These nicknames capture the city’s unique energy and personality, and they are sure to remain relevant for years to come.



In conclusion, it is evident that the locals of Johannesburg, South Africa, have a variety of names they use to refer to the city. Common nicknames include Joburg, Jozi, Egoli, and the City of Gold. These nicknames reflect the city’s vibrant culture, its gold mining history, and its high levels of energy and excitement. As one of the most populous cities in South Africa and the continent as a whole, Johannesburg is an important hub for business, culture, and entertainment. As such, it is no surprise that the locals have embraced these nicknames for the city.

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