Johannesburg’s Last Week’s Weather – What Happened?

Johannesburg's Last Week's Weather - What Happened?

The weather in Johannesburg was hot and humid over the past week. The average daily high temperature was 31 degrees Celsius, with an average daily low temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. The average daily rainfall was 83 millimetres, with a maximum rainfall of 133 millimetres on the 25th of July.

Last Week Weather In Johannesburg

Last week the weather in Johannesburg was quite pleasant. Temperatures hovered around the mid-20s during the day with clear blue skies. At night, the temperatures dropped down to the mid-teens and the sky was filled with stars. The mornings were fresh and sunny and it was a great time to go out for a walk. The sunsets were beautiful and the air was filled with the scent of blossoming flowers. The days were long and the nights were short, making for a very enjoyable week in Johannesburg.

Description of the temperatures throughout the week

Last week in Johannesburg was a roller coaster of temperatures. On Monday, the mercury began to rise, with temperatures reaching a balmy 23 degrees Celsius by mid-morning. This heat continued throughout the day, with a high of 27 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. Tuesday was even hotter, with temperatures topping out at 31 degrees Celsius in the late afternoon. Wednesday saw temperatures drop slightly, but still remained in the high twenties. Thursday started off mild and slowly got hotter as the day progressed, with temperatures topping out at 28 degrees Celsius in the early evening. Friday saw a cooler day, with temperatures only reaching a top of 25 degrees Celsius. Saturday was even cooler, with temperatures staying in the low twenties all day. Sunday was the coolest day of the week, with temperatures only reaching 18 degrees Celsius during the day. All in all, it was an interesting week of temperatures in Johannesburg!

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Description of the wind and precipitation levels

Last week in Johannesburg, the weather was quite variable and dynamic. The winds were swirling and gusty, curling around the city like a mischievous spirit. At times, these gusts would turn into fierce gales that rocked the buildings of the sprawling metropolis. On the other hand, there were also periods of relative stillness, with the air lying heavy and silent.

The precipitation levels were similarly changeable. At times, there were light, gentle showers that felt like a pleasant summer rain. But there were also periods of intense, torrential downpours that would last for hours at a time. Some days, the sun would come out in between the rain and bring out the vibrant colors of the city.

Johannesburg's Last Week's Weather - What Happened?

All in all, last week in Johannesburg was a time of constant change and unpredictability. The winds and precipitation levels shifted and morphed, providing both pleasant and challenging moments. Those who were able to take advantage of these shifts were rewarded with some truly unique experiences.

Overview of the likelihood of weather patterns for the coming week

The likelihood of weather patterns for the coming week in Johannesburg is an ever-changing picture. With the changing of the seasons and the unpredictable nature of the atmosphere, it can be difficult to know what temperatures, precipitation, and other weather phenomena may be in store.

Johannesburg is located in the subtropical zone, which means that it experiences a variety of weather patterns throughout the year. Currently, winter is settling in and temperatures are beginning to drop. The days are becoming shorter and the nights longer, and the likelihood of rain and storms increases.

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For the coming week, the forecast is for mild temperatures, with daytime highs of around 17°C (62°F) and nighttime lows of around 8°C (46°F). Rain and storms are expected to be scattered throughout the week, particularly on days when the temperature is higher. There may also be some light snowfall on the higher elevations.

The wind will likely be light but gusty, especially on days when the temperature drops. This could bring chilly winds and colder temperatures than expected.

In terms of sunshine, the outlook is promising. It looks like most days will be sunny, with only occasional clouds passing through. This is great news for those who enjoy getting out and about in the outdoors.

Overall, the likelihood of weather patterns for the coming week in Johannesburg looks quite promising. Temperatures will remain mild, with occasional rain and storms, and plenty of sunshine. So, get ready to enjoy the winter season in all its glory.



Overall, last week’s weather in Johannesburg was predominantly sunny and warm. Temperatures ranged from highs of around 29°C to lows of around 16°C during the evening. However, there were a few days with light precipitation and strong winds, with one day seeing a significant amount of rain. Despite these few days of wet weather, overall the week was characterized by warm temperatures and sunny skies, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

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