Discover the Johannesburg To Kimberley Distance!

Discover the Johannesburg To Kimberley Distance!

The Johannesburg to Kimberley Distance is a distance of approximately 993 kilometers. The Johannesburg to Kimberley route is traversed by the N1, the M5, and the R21. The Johannesburg to Kimberley route offers travelers a variety of attractions, including the Johannesburg CBD, the Witwatersrand, and the N7.

Johannesburg To Kimberley Distance

Johannesburg to Kimberley is a distance of approximately 524 km. It takes about 6 to 8 hours to drive this distance. The route is mostly through flat terrain and is a scenic drive through the Northern Cape and Free State provinces. Along the way, you will pass through small towns such as Bloemfontein, Klerksdorp, and Wolmaransstad. Along the route, you will also see vast open plains, rolling hills, and amazing sunsets. You can also stop at several national parks along the way, such as the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and the Augrabies Falls National Park, giving you the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of South Africa.

History of Johannesburg and Kimberley

Johannesburg to Kimberley is a distance of 583 kilometers between two of South Africa’s most vibrant cities. With the two cities being located in different provinces, the drive between them takes around 6 hours, making it an achievable journey for a day trip or weekend getaway. But what is the history between the two cities?

The history of Johannesburg and Kimberley is intertwined in many ways, with both cities having a long and interesting past. Johannesburg was founded in 1886 following the discovery of gold in the area, and since then has grown to become one of the most bustling cities in South Africa. Kimberley, on the other hand, was founded in 1871 and is known for being the site of the world’s largest diamond mine, the Big Hole.

Discover the Johannesburg To Kimberley Distance!

In the early days of Johannesburg, the city was known as the “City of Gold” due to its vast wealth of precious metals and minerals. Kimberley, by contrast, was known as the “Diamond City” due to its diamond mining industry. This difference in wealth and resources between the two cities led to an economic rivalry between them, with Johannesburg often seen as the richer and more powerful of the two.

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The rivalry between Johannesburg and Kimberley had political implications too, as the cities were at the center of some of South Africa’s most important events. In the early 1900s, Johannesburg was the scene of the Boer War, while Kimberley was the site of the Siege of Kimberley, which lasted for 124 days and saw the British forces defeat the Boer forces.

In more recent times, the rivalry between Johannesburg and Kimberley has been replaced by a spirit of cooperation. Both cities are now centers of commerce and industry, with Johannesburg being home to many of South Africa’s largest companies and Kimberley being a hub for diamond mining and trading. The two cities are now linked by a direct railway line, making it easy to travel between them.

The history of Johannesburg and Kimberley is one of competition and cooperation, and the two cities remain some of South Africa’s most vibrant and important destinations. The journey between the two cities is an experience in itself, allowing travelers to get a glimpse of South Africa’s past and present.

Overview of the Johannesburg to Kimberley Route

Traveling by road from Johannesburg to Kimberley is a journey that will take you through a variety of landscapes and offer plenty of opportunities to explore the South African countryside along the way. The route is a relatively straightforward one, taking you along the N12 as it winds its way through the Free State and Northern Cape. The total distance to be traveled is 411km and can be covered in around 5-6 hours if driving non-stop.

Discover the Johannesburg To Kimberley Distance!

The first part of the journey takes you through the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, with its bustling city streets and modern buildings. From here, the road takes you through Potchefstroom and into the Free State. Here, you will be treated to a stunning display of rolling fields and hills, with the occasional small town dotted along the way.

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One of the most interesting stops along the way is the town of Bloemfontein, the judicial capital of South Africa. Here, you can take a break for a few hours to explore the city’s many attractions, including the National Women’s Memorial and the City Hall.

Continuing along the N12, you will soon arrive in the Northern Cape. This is where the landscape changes dramatically, with the arid desert taking over the rolling fields of the Free State. Here, you can look out for some of the distinctive rock formations and ancient San rock art sites.

Finally, the journey ends in Kimberley, the diamond capital of the world. The city is home to some of the finest examples of colonial architecture and also offers a fascinating insight into the history of the diamond industry. Here, you can visit the Big Hole and the Kimberley Mine Museum to learn more about the region’s past.

The Johannesburg to Kimberley route is a great way to explore the many sights and attractions of South Africa’s interior, and a perfect way to break up a long journey. Along the way, you will be treated to some of the most spectacular scenery and the chance to immerse yourself in South African culture and history.

Availability of Transport Options

Discover the Johannesburg To Kimberley Distance!

Johannesburg and Kimberley are two bustling cities in South Africa, situated 590 kilometers apart. The distance between these two cities can be covered in various transport options, each offering different benefits and drawbacks.

The most common way of traveling between Johannesburg and Kimberley is by road. This mode of transport is usually the quickest and most convenient option for travelers. Most travelers opt for private vehicles to make the trip, although there are several bus companies that offer scheduled services between the two cities. The journey by road usually takes around seven hours, depending on the route and traffic conditions.

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For those who wish to make the journey by air, there are several flights available from Johannesburg to Kimberley. These flights usually take less than one and a half hours and are usually the most expensive option for travelers. However, they are the most convenient for those who are looking to get to their destination quickly.

Another transport option available for travelers is rail. The Shosholoza Meyl provides regular services between Johannesburg and Kimberley. The journey usually takes around twelve hours and offers a scenic view of the countryside along the way. However, due to the length of the journey, it is usually not the most popular option for travelers.

No matter which mode of transport travelers choose, it is important to plan the journey in advance to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. While road and air transport are the most common options, there are other options available for travelers to consider.



The Johannesburg To Kimberley Distance is 9,898 kilometers. This is the total distance between Johannesburg, South Africa and Kimberley, South Africa.

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