13 Things You Must Know About Cape Town Weather In May

13 Things You Must Know About Cape Town Weather In May

Cape Town Weather In May

The month of May is typically mild and sunny in Cape Town. The average daytime temperature ranges from 16 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature can drop below 10 degrees Celsius at night. The rainfall during the month of May is usually relatively light, with an average of around 36 millimeters.

Cape Town Weather In May

The weather in Cape Town during the month of May is generally quite pleasant and sunny. Temperatures typically range from the mid-teens to the mid-twenties Celsius. During the day, the temperature is usually quite comfortable and warm, while at night it can cool off a bit. During the day, the sky is usually clear and sunny, with some occasional clouds. Rain is not uncommon during the month of May, but it usually doesn’t last very long. The wind can be quite strong at times, but usually not enough to cause any major disruption. All in all, the weather in Cape Town in May is generally quite pleasant and enjoyable, making it the perfect time to explore the city and its surrounds.

Average Temperatures

Cape Town is a beautiful city, and its weather in May is no exception. With average temperatures ranging from mild to warm, May is the perfect time to visit the stunning coastal city.

The average high temperature for May in Cape Town is around 19.5°C (67.1°F). However, this can vary depending on the day and the location. While the daytime temperatures are warm, the evenings can cool off, with the average low temperature hovering around 12°C (53.6°F).

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Rainfall can also occur during May in Cape Town, with an average of 45mm (1.77in) of precipitation throughout the month. Most of this rainfall is usually in the form of light showers, so it won’t usually disrupt your plans too much. However, it is important to prepare for rain, as heavy downpours can occur.

The humidity levels in Cape Town in May tend to be relatively high, averaging around 75%. This means the air can feel quite sticky and humid, particularly during the day. It is important to stay hydrated if you plan to be out and about in the city during this time.

When it comes to the best time of day to explore the city, early morning is usually the best time of day. The temperature is still quite cool and the humidity levels are usually at their lowest. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city without feeling too hot and sticky.

Overall, May is a great time to visit Cape Town, with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Just make sure to pack an umbrella and some layers to keep you warm on cooler evenings.

13 Things You Must Know About Cape Town Weather In May

Precipitation Levels

Cape Town weather in May is typically characterized by mild temperatures and high levels of precipitation. This is due to the fact that the city lies in a region of South Africa that experiences a Mediterranean climate, with frequent rains and the occasional thunderstorms. The average temperature in May is around 19ºC, making it a great time to explore the city’s many attractions without having to worry about the heat.

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The most noteworthy feature of the Cape Town weather in May is its high levels of precipitation. The average total rainfall for the month is just over 67 mm, which is more than double the amount seen in April. This is largely due to the frequent showers and thunderstorms that are common in the region. The rain is usually accompanied by strong winds, making outdoor activities like hiking in the mountains and sunbathing on the beach a bit more challenging.

Despite the rain, there are still plenty of sunny days in May. The average number of hours of sunshine for the month is around 7.5, which is slightly lower than the previous month but still enough to enjoy the outdoors. The days are also longer, with the sun rising around 6:30am and setting around 8:30pm.

The combination of mild temperatures, high levels of precipitation and plenty of sunshine make May an ideal time to visit Cape Town. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the city’s beaches and outdoor activities, or simply explore the city’s many attractions, there’s something for everyone. Just remember to bring an umbrella and a raincoat, as the weather can be unpredictable at times!

Wind and Humidity

Cape Town is known for its sunny weather, but May can bring some unexpected changes in temperature and humidity. May is the start of winter in Cape Town, and while the days are still quite warm, the nights can be chilly. This change in temperature is often accompanied by a change in wind and humidity, making the weather in May a bit unpredictable.

The wind in Cape Town during May can be quite strong, with gusts reaching up to 50 km/h. This wind can make it feel much cooler than it actually is, and can also bring some light rain showers. The wind also helps to keep the humidity in check, so the air does not feel too muggy. In addition to the wind, the ocean breeze can also have an effect on the humidity levels in Cape Town. The ocean breeze helps to keep the humidity low, making the air feel more comfortable.

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The humidity in Cape Town during May is typically quite low, usually hovering around 40-50%. This low level of humidity is great for outdoor activities, as it makes the air feel less heavy and more comfortable. It also prevents the air from becoming too saturated, meaning it won’t feel too sticky or humid.

Overall, the weather in Cape Town during May is quite pleasant, with some days being warmer than others. The wind and humidity help to keep the temperatures comfortable, and the ocean breeze helps to keep the humidity low. If you’re looking for a pleasant place to visit in May, Cape Town is an excellent choice.



Overall, the weather in Cape Town in May tends to be mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from a low of 12°C to a high of 21°C. The average temperature is 16°C. Precipitation is low in May with only 1.5 inches of rainfall on average. The skies tend to be mostly sunny with some clouds and the humidity levels are low. This makes May a great time to visit Cape Town and enjoy the city’s many attractions.

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